No more Climate Change!

With MH leaving and taking the staff – we only had a slim chance to make this work. Although we did partner with the new firm it gave away too much fee. We also were surprised the DBE vs SBE set aside. This pushed other consultants (SBE) into our remaining fee pool which left too little for us. With less staff this was even hard to justify Atkins as prime. Sad and very discouraging day!

Update on LA Water & Environment opportunities

Waiting to hear: LA Bureau of Engineering (LA/BOE) – Flood Control Training with new software -FMA. This is not through our On Call contract.


  • Metropolitan Water District (LW/MWD): Next On-Call is coming out soon. We’ve been pre-positioning for about 12 months.
  • Riverside – Dam Inundation Study: Task Order coming out in March 2016; part of Atkins On-Call Contract
  • Rainbow Water District: Urban Water Management Plan – D Beauchamp is tracking this one

P&P opportunities on the horizon

LA Metro

  • Climate Change Management RFP: We understand it’s coming out mid-late January – $10-$12m over 5 years; one selection. Michael Hendrix is the PM for this and a large diverse sub-consultant team
  • PV Pilot Study RFP: D/B project for a solar vendor on 4 sites for LA Metro; two buildings and two on grade opportunities. We are teaming with SunPower.

Carlsbad Solar Array RFP: City of Carlsbad is issuing a planning RFP. We’ve been pre-positioning for over a year. Approx $25m in construction cost. This is the first phase, and necessary for city counsel approval. We’re teaming with Solar City for the D/B/O/M contract.

Solar: In 2015 we put in place two Master Service contracts Solar City and SunPower. With the changes to Strategic Ventures, the work will now fall under Atkins Energy when it starts operation. Working with Kimberly Fitzgibbons (now leading) and Brian Schalk (P&P/W&E) to start the renewables practice in the west.

LA River Revitalization – City Hall BOE meeting Jan 4th

On Monday Rob Welch and I will be attending the LA River Revitalization Coordinating Committee meeting on Monday. Agenda can be found here

Glendale will be presenting the Riverwalk Phase III bridge schemes – and I may join the presentation. The meeting will also cover a number of future water/drainage projects.

Happy New Year colleagues!

I’ve finally made the leap and found a way to add a private site for our business development and sales information. Although it’s only a filler until “yammer” is installed across Atkins…however I’d like to believe its a first step at getting our information out to all of our group. Let me know what you think of it…
Happy New Year